A prebuilt APK is now available for Android. You will need a device with armv7 (32-bit ARM), AArch64 (64-bit ARM), or x86_64 (64-bit x86). 64-bit is preferred, the requirements are higher for 32-bit, you'll probably want at least a 1.5GHz CPU.

Download link: https://www.duckstation.org/android/duckstation-android.apk

Preview/beta download link: https://www.duckstation.org/android/duckstation-beta.apk

Legacy (without scoped storage) download link: https://www.duckstation.org/android/duckstation-legacy.apk

To use:

  1. Install and run the app for the first time.
  2. Follow the setup wizard.

If you have an external controller, you will need to map the buttons and sticks in settings.