Autogenerate the missing cue file for your PSX emulation bins.

Each bin-file represents a track on the game CD-ROM. The first track is always data and any subsequent tracks are audio - at least for PlayStation 1 games. Unfortunately, emulators and virtual drive managers won't load multiple tracks automatically. They need something called a cue sheet, which is a special textfile that works as a tracklist. It's supposed to represent a CD-ROM and define which tracks are on the CD-ROM, which order, what format they are (data or audio) and the filename of the bin file for each track.

Drag your bin files onto the dropzone below and have the cue sheet generated automatically. Your files will not be uploaded. The dropzone is used to read the filenames of the bins, so this webpage can generate a cue sheet for you.

If you are using a touch device, you can use the Browse button to select a file instead.

Once you have dragged your bins onto the dropzone, a cue sheet will appear in the textarea above. Copy the content into notepad.exe or whatever you prefer and save it in the same folder as your game bin files, or click the Download button. Keep in mind that the cue file references your bin files, so you feel a strange urge to rename the bin files, your cue sheet must be updated/regenerated to match the changes. While the name of the cue file itself doesn't matter, it's probably a good practice to name it after the game.

Drop your .bin files here!
Make sure your binfiles are listed in the right track order, when you drag the files onto the dropzone. If the track order is wrong, the cue sheet won't work!
Or, if you're using a touch device, browse for a file: